Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Score

Sanity vs. 4 kid
Sanity -0
4 Kids-1
Yes it is true the kids are winning. Though I haven't lost my mind completely, I have lost all track of time. I can't believe I haven't written since March 2010! This makes me sad, because the blog was such a fantastic journal of memories. Our life is so busy, that we tend to forget what happened last week, let alone last month...year. So it is my goal to blog again. The boys are in school 3 mornings a week, the girls are both gone all day and I am starting to think clearly. This post is hopefully the start of the new and refreshed Sanity vs. 4 kids! The kids are in the lead now, but I have always been one to cheer for the underdogs- so can I get a "SANITY! SANITY! SANITY!" chant going, I need the encouragement.

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