Monday, March 29, 2010

Dad, are we Jewish?

Sophia has always been an inquisitive little thing and now the tough questions have started. Such as "Dad, are we Jewish?" "No, we are Catholic." "Oh what's that?" Where do we begin...Rich gave her a detailed (Catholicism in 3 minutes or less) description and explanation of Easter, God, Jesus and Heaven and he directed her to ask Mima any questions she may have. I think she was disappointed there would be no Passover celebration for us, but very excited that the Easter Bunny would be here soon- she may have missed a few main points of the lesson.
This past weekend I was awoken with Sophia standing over my face "Mom where do babies come from-besides the birth canal?" "Mommies belly" (all I could think of at 7am before any coffee). "Hmmm"---Later that day---"Abby do you know babies are made in your belly from all the different foods you eat." "Oh ok" replied Abby. Abby may not say much, but she takes it all in at random times she spills her knowledge in hysterical bits of deep thought and mild confusion.
After hearing the Catholicism in 3 min. conversation Abby announced that she wanted to have her own religion and it would be called Calmlism. I asked her what that was and she told me "it is when your beautiful and wearing a flower dress". I don't think there is anything more to say...

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