Monday, March 29, 2010

Dad, are we Jewish?

Sophia has always been an inquisitive little thing and now the tough questions have started. Such as "Dad, are we Jewish?" "No, we are Catholic." "Oh what's that?" Where do we begin...Rich gave her a detailed (Catholicism in 3 minutes or less) description and explanation of Easter, God, Jesus and Heaven and he directed her to ask Mima any questions she may have. I think she was disappointed there would be no Passover celebration for us, but very excited that the Easter Bunny would be here soon- she may have missed a few main points of the lesson.
This past weekend I was awoken with Sophia standing over my face "Mom where do babies come from-besides the birth canal?" "Mommies belly" (all I could think of at 7am before any coffee). "Hmmm"---Later that day---"Abby do you know babies are made in your belly from all the different foods you eat." "Oh ok" replied Abby. Abby may not say much, but she takes it all in at random times she spills her knowledge in hysterical bits of deep thought and mild confusion.
After hearing the Catholicism in 3 min. conversation Abby announced that she wanted to have her own religion and it would be called Calmlism. I asked her what that was and she told me "it is when your beautiful and wearing a flower dress". I don't think there is anything more to say...

Friday, March 12, 2010

It'a a bird, it's a cat- No it's Charlieman...and his crazy mother!

I was running errands this morning and the boys were starting to get restless. As they sat in the stroller, I got a snack ready for them to eat in the car and Charlie started in on his annoying new habit. Instead of talking when he sees something he wants, he lets out this horrendous sounding moan, groan, screech kind of noise.
As I ignored him and continued loading the van an older couple pulled into the parking spot in front of us. They emerged from their vehicle and I saw them exchange a look of horror and begin frantically looking under their car wheels. I instinctively started to look with them, fearful of what I was going to see.
The man says "I don't know, I didn't feel anything, but it sounds like cat!" The woman responds "I don't think so, I think you hit one of those damn birds!" They continued looking around their car.
It was at this point my focus returned to my children and I realized the sound of squealing death was coming from Charlie! I then went into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. This very distraught couple looked at me like I was a lunatic as I responded through tears of laughter " It's my son". My tears and laughter were misinterpreted and they thought they had hit my son. For some reason this made me laugh harder. The wife then heard Charlie's screech again, saw him in the stroller and joined me in uncontrollable laughter. The poor man was so rattled by the situation he just looked at Charlie, shrugged his shoulders, began to walk away and said "I'm sorry ma'am, your son is cute, but he sounds like a dieing cat!".

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do you want to add length with no pills, or gimmicks...

In just 3 simple steps I can teach you how to add up to an inch and a half to your foot size (dirty pigs, I know what you were thinking).
I have learned through hands on experience that 3 pregnancies in a 6 year span will increase you foot by a size and a half and completely eliminate your arches. This amazing growth will cause possible difficulties while attempting to wear something other than flip flops or Birkenstock clogs. And if you are a stay at home mom it could take you almost a year to notice the true growth that has happened. It won't be until you are blessed with the opportunity to dress in something that you actually have to iron or oh god, dry clean. Remember those black boot that make you feel slim and tall and maybe even a little sexy, I hope you you have pictures of yourself in them...
Disclaimer: This amazing growth can also cause foot, knee, hip and back pain due to the loss of arches. If you suffer from pain lasting more than 6 hours, please remove your too small shoes, put on your flip flops and head directly to the mall for ridiculously large shoes and maybe splurge for a sexy pair of orthotic insoles- just to make yourself feel special!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quotes, Quips and Babble

The last few months have been INSANE, I am as close to losing it as I have ever been. But, I guess that is to be expected when dealing with the holidays, death, company, sick children, no sleep, sick self, puking children, teething children, sick husband oh and did I mention sick children. I was fearful that we had a "sick house" you know, over grown with mold or poor air quality, I was ready to pack up and move to the mountains and live off the land- the doctor assured me it was just a bad season (I hope he's right). But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 3 of 4 still on meds, but almost done, I can see the skies clearing as my children's snot turns from green to crystal clear. There is hope for us all.
My mind has been a jumbled disjointed mess. I make little sense these days, I'm short tempered, flighty and tired. So this post will be a bit of babble and a few of my fondest memories from the last month or so (as clear as I can remember them- I have no idea the timeline of these things, but they were important enough for me to remember, so I share them with you).
Sophia sorting papers from her backpack.
"Ughh these are all from George. I told him to stop giving me stuff"
Me "Why is he giving you all of this?"
"Oh, He's into me."
Me "He's WHAT?"
"He's into me, you know he likes me."
WTF he's into her? They are 5...
"Moooo r, Maaaaa m, Ugggg"
"Ahhhh" HeeHaa" Bah Nana"
Abby getting tucked in after a day of puke and fever
"Mommy do you want to hear a sad story?"
"There once was a little girl, she was sick and didn't feel good and couldn't go to school. Isn't that sad?"
"Yes it is honey, you'll feel better soon"
"You're the best Mom in the whole world, you take good care of me!"
Oh okay, maybe having stepped in puke and feeling it squish in my toes isn't that bad!
"Ughhh. Moom. Ahhh giggle giggle..."
Abby after puking in kitchen
"It's ok Abby, stand on that towel and take your clothes off" She then puts on Rich's sweatshirt to stay warm.
"Ok Dad, your the best, you take good care of me"
"Thanks Ab."
" You make cookies with me...This is a nice sweatshirt Dad"
Sophia to me one night when I was tucking her in.
" I did it Mommy."
"You did what?"
"I talked to him, I talked to Poppy like Daddy said I could. When I was going to sleep, kind of like I was saying a prayer, I just told him I missed him and I loved him."
Did this make you cry? Because it sure as hell made me cry!
Boys at doctors office as Doctor walks into room
Simon look up from playing "Hiiii"
Charlie walking in circles "Muuuaaahhh"- Stomp, Stomp, Stomp of his foot.
At dinner
Sophia "Mom you're the best cook in the whole wide world"
Abby " If I were you I would make this every night."
Now if only I could remember what I made???

I do love my life no matter how snotty and puke filled it may be.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Pop

On December 23 my Pop, Bill Hickey, passed away. It has been one of the saddest times in my life. We had a special bond, my pop and I, and life will not be the same with out him.
With the support of my wonderful cousins and husband, I decided I wanted to give the eulogy. Our family all agreed that what was needed to send Pop off was a poem. He was known for his silly, but sentimental, rhyming poems. We were graced with them at birthdays and special milestones. So after much deliberation and procrastination, Rich and I wrote a last and final poem for my Pop.
Although I was sure I would vomit and make a giant blubbering ass of myself, I managed to swallow my nerves and read this. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but it gave me a kind of internal peace. People cried, but most importantly they laughed and smiled. And I bet he laughed a little himself.

Poem for Pop

A traditional eulogy isn't your style
So I thought I'd write something just to make you smile

I hope these words will make you proud
Especially since I am saying them in front of this crowd

My Pop was a man who was full of life
A smiling face, and beside him a beautiful wife

He made my days brighter
As he hugged each of my kids tighter and tighter

I was lucky to have him in so much of my life
He's seen me as a granddaughter, mother and wife

He told silly jokes and did the "poppy poopy dance"
Even if it meant losing his pants

His grandchildren brought him so much joy
And HE, may have been, their favorite toy

He loved it when he had an audience
so he could put in his two cents

Always with something to say like "What the", "This to shall pass"
or "Oops I have gas"

He always stood out in a crowd
and could make anyone laugh out loud

We've all heard his stories of alter boys, matches and the cat
I still haven't figured out what to say about that

We loved him more than this poem could ever show
and it is with great sorrow that we see him go

But I imagine all of the Hickey boys
are Upstairs making a heck of a lot of noise

To heaven he's gone without a doubt,
but give him a week and they may kick him out

I'll add just one more line to come out even
Pops, We will love you forever and still can't believe you're leavin'.