Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank God for Hamsters!

Abby's first day went REALLY well. She was so excited and talked about being a preschooler for days. We arrived at the school at the same time as her little friends and they walked in together with big smiles. Things got a little hairy when I said goodbye and she started to well up, but then her teacher mentioned the class hamster! That was all she needed- backpack down and she was off the see that little rodent! PHEW WW!

Drop off on day two was a little tougher and we had some tears, but they ended quickly and she got to make apple cake with the teacher. On the ride home on the first day Abby did say "Sophia never went to this school. This is MY school!" I'm happy she can have ownership of this and not have to share it with Sophia for a change. I am also amazed that she noticed and verbalized it- and now I feel guilt about her feelings and the overwhelming need to go out and buy her new clothes and get rid of the hand-me-downs from Soph. But that will pass... I'm so excited she did so well and sorry I underestimated her! Now we just have to work on the giant temper tantrums she has been throwing lately!

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