Monday, September 14, 2009

Monkey bars 1 - Sophia 0

Oh boy, I got my first call from the nurses office. "There was an accident on the playground, and you need to come pick Sophia up. She is okay, but there is a lot of blood and a lot of swelling"

Oh man, my stomach dropped. She had fallen off the monkey bars and landed on her face. When I got there she was okay and not crying, but the poor kid looked even worse than these pictures. The swelling had gone down a lot by the time we got home. No broken bones, loose teeth or concussion and nothing that will leave a scar-all and all not that bad. But man it was tough to get that phone call. I know they will get hurt, but if they could just do it while with me I would be able to deal with it much better!


Aunt Betsy said...

Oh awful! It's still the most beautiful face ever though!

Anonymous said...

Are we being punished for not making a lot of comments?