Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Check out my HOT DOG!

So much for organic/natural foods...Look what we found in our "healthy hot dog" this weekend! I've been told all parts go into hot dogs, but this is a little ridiculous.

Thankfully I was cutting up the hot dog for Abby when the plastic was found and no one actually ate it! The company seems to have taken the complaint seriously and say they pulled that batch from shelves. They also told me I would receive some sort of compensation in the mail. I told them great, I just don't want any free hot dogs or hot dog coupons!


Anonymous said...

uhhhhh... ok, gross. maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. mcdonald's isn't so bad! :) - christy

Anonymous said...

Off the topic but you could be a hand model. Seconding, the previous comment. I have never had plastic in my greasy McDonald fries. Coleman no longer makes hannaford natural products, Price Chopper and Costco do. Today thanks to Leah and the internet I have learned tons about hot dogs, and will be changing my dinner plans for tonight. mima