Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A very cool 5 year old!

Sophia is 5 and fantastic! I don't know many kids her age, that when asked what they want for their birthday dinner vacillate between sushi and Indian food (miso soup with a sweet potato roll won). I shouldn't be surprised since last night when I offered to end the evening with a Wendy's Frosty while we watched Daddy play soccer, she told me and I quote "Ummm, Wendy's? Don't they put chemicals in their food? I thought we didn't eat at places like that. Would it even taste good with all those chemicals, ewww!" Oh my!

I am proud of the fact that at home we eat mostly organic and healthy foods and we don't go to chain fast food places (Only been to McDonald's one time with Soph and Abby and I was pregnant with the boys and NEEDED a shake and fries- so the girls got one too.) But to hear her say that just made me laugh and cringe a little at the same time. So after my justification of why it was okay to have a Frosty every once in a while and agreeing that we would not get fast food more than a couple times a year we enjoyed our treat (which was described as a fudgesicle in a cup). However, Wendy's is next to WalMart and we had to discuss why Daddy won't shop there and I was forced to explain exactly what bad business practices are...not kidding!!!!!

Yes, she is 5 and I have trouble believing it. So much has happened in the last 5 years most of which has revolved around her (no matter what the other little ones think) and she may just be the coolest person I have ever met. I look forward to each year, each new interest, new hobby, new friend...I look forward, but I also love to enjoy what she enjoys now and look for worms, identify birds, read her books about kindergarten, poems, pretend to be a spy, play dress up, cook, paint our toe nails, late 80's early 90's music and dance moves and of course organic foods, world peace, animal rights, WalMart's bad business practices and hugs-lots of hugs!

Happy Birthday Sophia, I love you and enjoy the fantastic little person you are!


Aunt Betsy said...

What a lovely tribute to your first born! What did we do and talk about before we had kids? At my house we all feel the same way about her even with only our unfortunate few and far between meetings.....

Anonymous said...

happy birthday miss sophia! Leah, your thoughts and feelings about your baby girl are beautiful! ~Jannine

Anonymous said...

As I no longer have any excuses for being overly emotional about anything. I consider something that brings tears to my eyes truly "beautiful,touching,amazing,
and marvelous". I wanted to add to the litany of praises for the birthday girl. I love her passion for what is right and fair, her interest and curiosity about nature and the world around her, and her insistance that she understand everything that is said to her. (as my verbiage can be a bit flowery and arcane I have decided I need both a dictionary, and a thesaurus when speaking with my granddaughter)
We are all lucky to share in her life.