Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Pic Randomness

This is the donkey we visit at a local farm, isn't he the coolest! I always wanted a donkey, I would name him Harry and say things like "Hey, do you want to see my Ass, he's Harry".

Stroller shots- big red stroller, comfy ride, but draws lots and lots of attention everywhere we go!

Love these sleepy eyes

I want to squish that chunky face!

Love the expressions in these shots- very telling of their personalities!

"Mom take my picture, I'm going to act shy!" I think she nailed it.

My little artists...

Again I would like to squish that face!

Charlie helping Daddy build his shelves.

Sophia and Harvey (Heather and Trav's little man)- I would also like to squish his chunky face!

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