Friday, June 5, 2009

She has fallen...HARD!

School is over, summer is here and the day to day attempt of finding activities has begun! I love the idea of summer, but I forgot how much work it is! Luckily I have found a good group of friends (for myself and the kids!) and we are working together to make a fun eventful summer.

The fun began with a $5 Slip & Slide....seriously the best $5 toy ever!!!!!!!!!!!
In the pictures you will see our friends Max and Maeve (They have a baby brother Jude also). We spend a lot of time with this crew and if Sophia has anything to do with it they will always be a part of our lives. Because she has fallen in love and is going to marry Max! This is not a fleeting moment or feeling, we are going on over a year of her infatuation, umm I mean love for Max. She often reminds me of the first time she and Max fell in love and how is a really nice guy, just like a prince! This past weekend she told Grandma and Boompa that "Max is a great, she not going to let this one get away!" I'm pretty sure the wedding is planned and she may have her dress picked out. So far Max is on board, but Kindergarten is just around the corner and you know how those 1st grade girls are always looking for a younger guy... Anyway as far as Max goes he is sweet kind good hearted little guy and he puts up with my sweet (bossy), fun loving (demanding), adorable (adorable!!!) little girl. I'm just hoping her taste remains this good.

Slip sliding away...

My future son-in-law!

Young love!


Aunt Betsy said...

How does her father feel about this?

Anonymous said...

OMG! If I hadn't heard the stories from Sophia and seen the hearts in her eyes I wouldn't believe the blogster.