Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Unbearable Cuteness of Being

I only have one life to live, my actions have no impact and nothing matters so I have decided to fill it with adorable children to pass the days. Their smiling faces create a lightness that I wish I could experience over and over again.(Literary reference folks not some sort of meltdown, remember I was an English teacher at one point and sometimes my brain turns back on and I remember things from before and this made me laugh so too bad if you don't get it...).

I asked for cuteness and I got it. These kids are so agreeable.

I love chubby baby fingers and hands.

Oh, Simon-You look more like your dad everyday!

Beautiful girl with fat lip, poor kid fell out of her bed face first! Lots of blood, but no tooth trauma!

Really what is there to say about this picture?

Cool picture isn't it!

Look at the teeth!!!

So pretty, those eyes...

Simon ADORES Abby!

Does it get much cuter?

"Snake-tongue Charlie"

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Aunt Betsy said...

How could you deprive me of this for so many weeks? I will have a good day at work now. I am slightly biased but they are the cutest kids on the planet...well except of course for their second cousins (i think 2nd, right?) who Sophia and Charlie look just like.....
Thank you for brightening my day...