Sunday, May 3, 2009

Soccer Star

Trying out new soccer gear in the yard!

The first practice, learning some ball control. Soon after this photo was taken Sophia turned to her coach pumped her fists in the air and exclaimed "This is my first time and I doing PHENOMENAL!"

Game day- "Go Soph Go!" As we cheered this from the sidelines we confused our little soccer star and she ran off the field and over to us wondering why we kept calling her out of her game, couldn't we see she was busy...

She really seemed to enjoy herself and smiled the whole time, she was a bit distracted by the "experience" of playing in front of and audience, but I think she will do quite well once she can focus on the ball instead of her fans.

High kick action shot...but notice they all have on blue shirts-Ahh the beauty of pre-K soccer. SUPER CUTE STUFF!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Following in her father's footsteps, she looks so cute and i noticed she was challenging the boys for the ball in a couple of the pics. I must confess, it isn't my son i see but Aunt Betsy.