Friday, May 29, 2009


So I have written this post 6 times, each time I try to publish it disappears. When it began it was a long, witty, interesting discussion of how my children are lucky enough to have 16 Grandparents (combo of Great/Step/The regular kind). With each failed attempt it has gotten shorter, less witty and much less interesting. If you really want to hear more details on our large fantastic family give me a call as I'm sick of typing it...
Below you will find some picture of my Pop AKA- Poppy. Other 15 Grandparent take no offense please -I'm not playing favorites, he happened to be here and I got some cute shots of him and the kids (plus he may be my #1 blog fan). If you would like a feature presentation, come on over and strike a pose!

One cool dude chillin' in the grass...

Swinging with Simon...

Wrestling with Charlie...

Chasing Abby in the sprinkler...

Doing a little water gun hoedown with Sophia...
Not sure who enjoys the time more Pop or the kids...both are lucky to have the other!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Caption This...

Some of my ideas...
Charlie says "Mom seriously he is grabbing his wiener and your making me sit next to him!"

Simon says "I love to be naked! What's fat boys problem?"

Charlie says "Simon dude, stop laughing, she is going to show this to our girlfriends one day!"

Please help me with a caption for this fantastic picture and be sure to read on, I went a posting spree this morning!

The Unbearable Cuteness of Being

I only have one life to live, my actions have no impact and nothing matters so I have decided to fill it with adorable children to pass the days. Their smiling faces create a lightness that I wish I could experience over and over again.(Literary reference folks not some sort of meltdown, remember I was an English teacher at one point and sometimes my brain turns back on and I remember things from before and this made me laugh so too bad if you don't get it...).

I asked for cuteness and I got it. These kids are so agreeable.

I love chubby baby fingers and hands.

Oh, Simon-You look more like your dad everyday!

Beautiful girl with fat lip, poor kid fell out of her bed face first! Lots of blood, but no tooth trauma!

Really what is there to say about this picture?

Cool picture isn't it!

Look at the teeth!!!

So pretty, those eyes...

Simon ADORES Abby!

Does it get much cuter?

"Snake-tongue Charlie"

A VERY late Mother's Day Post.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my babes and family. I picked out my own gift this year, a necklace with tiny little name tags for all my kiddos. I love it! It is made by a friend of a friend and a fellow stay-at-home mom. Check out her website Anymore kids and I need a bigger neck!

I had the girls make a Mother's Day craft for our many, many grandmother's and aunt's. They turned out so cute and I was pleasantly surprised that they actually did most of the work!

I was going to write a lovely, heartfelt, mushy post about the joys of motherhood and how much my life has changed, improved and blah, blah, blah. Instead I will simply say-life is good, my kids are super cool little creatures that fill my day with laughs, love, hugs and joy. Happy Mother Day to me- "the best Mom in the world" according to Sophia!

Abby and Daddy

I loved the pics of Rich and Charlie, so I've decided to get some candid pictures of him playing
with each of the kids. I have visions of a really cute frame of Daddy love, but I lack any sort of follow through these days, so the blog will have to do.

Both slightly annoyed with me for interrupting their fun with continuous flashing!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello and sorry it has been so long since I have blogged. I need to take some pictures and force my kids to do something cute for me to write about. Since lately they have not done much more than fight with each other, whine, cry and scream at deafening decibels. So, until then I have a couple of updates!
We had our first parent meeting at Sophia's elementary school! Still having trouble believing she will be starting kindergarten in the fall. But get this- She is the graduating class of 2022. Ha imagine that.
Conversation had between Abby and Nanny
Nan- Abby is Java a boy or a girl?
Abby- Java is a dog Nanny!
Tooth number 2 has arrived and he is can't stop playing with them and feeling them with his tongue, so we have nicknamed him Charlie snaketounge.
Tooth number 1 is here (a lovely Mother's Day gift for me). Simon has also started fighting back when Charlie attacks. They are very funny to watch! They really interact and play together now. It is very cool to watch their relationship develop!
Okay off to force cuteness and bloggability from my children!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some pics...

I love something about this odd picture, Simon looks so old!

I think Abby looks like one of the porcelain figurines things with the the big sad eyes and chubby cheeks-are they called Precious Moments maybe?

Our new house has a sprinkler system and the girls took full advantage of our lawn watering...rain boots, umbrella and a rain had by all!

Charlie "Jumparooed" himself to sleep!

Oh, I could eat her!

Charlie and Dad- awww so cute!

Soccer Star

Trying out new soccer gear in the yard!

The first practice, learning some ball control. Soon after this photo was taken Sophia turned to her coach pumped her fists in the air and exclaimed "This is my first time and I doing PHENOMENAL!"

Game day- "Go Soph Go!" As we cheered this from the sidelines we confused our little soccer star and she ran off the field and over to us wondering why we kept calling her out of her game, couldn't we see she was busy...

She really seemed to enjoy herself and smiled the whole time, she was a bit distracted by the "experience" of playing in front of and audience, but I think she will do quite well once she can focus on the ball instead of her fans.

High kick action shot...but notice they all have on blue shirts-Ahh the beauty of pre-K soccer. SUPER CUTE STUFF!!!!