Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sophia ROCKS!

This pretty little girl is so awesome! We went to our cousin Noah's birthday party at an indoor rock wall place and I was blown away by her! Sophia is a very determined little girl, when she she wants something, she gets it! This can be good or bad depending on the situation...with rock walls it is GOOD!
When we got there and Sophia saw the wall, I saw the glint in her eyes. She told me "I'm going to try and try and try my best to get to the top." When I saw the 2nd grade boys struggling, I had my doubts. But she proved me wrong and made it. It took her a couple of tries and each time she would come down and tell me she was figuring it out and she would make it higher the next time...she did! Not only did she climb the beginners wall (angled in a little), she also made it to the top of the intermediate wall(straight up) AND half way up the hardest (angled out). If I wasn't bragging before, I am now...This kid freakin' ROCKS!!!! She was soooo good, the instructors were shocked that she was only 4 1/2 and the one said she had never seen a kid that young make it to the top. She listened and did exactly what the instructors told her to and she kicked butt! I was so proud of her and most importantly she was so proud of herself.

Getting started!

Halfway up!

She made it!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect form coming down!

My favorite action shot!
Abby tried too...She didn't make it far, but she is only 2 and it made for some really cute pictures!!!!

In her itty bitty harness...

Ready to go (ignore the instructors odd hairy leg)

Climb on little one!!!

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