Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sorry I've been busy.

I'm still here...just been a bit busy lately. Sometimes 4 kids take all my energy and every spare moment. Other times I let them cry and pretend they aren't there, just kidding- kind of. Here's the low down- boys are getting big and crawling and cruising all over and quickly. Charlie is on the verge of walking any day now, Simon isn't far behind. Simon had found his voice and loves to scream- happy screams and he is saying lots of things, not quite words but lots of cool sounds including dadaadadaada very cute and Charlie makes noises but not as many a Simon. So one day soon Charlie will be walking and Simon will tell you all about it. The girls are fantastic and amusing as always. Oh exciting news...we finally got video camera so as soon as i figure it out I can put video clips up on the blog and you can hear their little voices whenever you want!

Charlie getting clean in the sink!

Looking guilty- what's he playing with under the water?

"This is a washcloth Mommy, you should try it!" When I'm busy, showers seem to not be a priority...stinky Mommy!

Happy Simon- he loves the sink bath!

Love those dirty faces!!

Abby and her newest dress up outfit!

"Look what I can do"

And look I'm still creative, this is the diaper cake I made for my friends baby shower- isn't it adorable!

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Aunt Betsy said...

yeah, I've been waiting patiently. Zach is never home early enough to call Sophia but tell her he will this weekend!!