Sunday, March 22, 2009

You want me to puke where????

Poor Sophia was plagued by the stomach bug this past week. As a mother of 4 it is a great fear of mine that all 6 of us will be puking at the same time...I envision that scene from Stand By Me at the pie eating contest or Chunk's puking description in The Goonies, just puke everywhere, seriously I have nightmares of that day happening. So when Sophia started puking I was very frightened!
It only lasted about 10-12 hours, but the poor kid was a mess. She climbed into our bed at about midnight (luckily I was downstairs) and then proceeded to puke all over our bed, my pillows and a little on Daddy. UGHHHHH what a mess. Soph has only had a puke thing one other time I think and we used the puke bowl method. This time however Daddy taught her to puke in the toilet. This was a very difficult concept for my little girl to understand. She thought Daddy was teasing her. We teach our children not to touch the toilet, make sure you wash you hands, lots of germs in the bathroom... Now stick you head in the bowl, hold onto the sides and puke in there. A difficult concept that I never really thought about before, but the funniest part of the whole thing was what Soph said to me in her tired, sick and confused voice "Wow, Mom it is a good thing you cleaned that toilet with chemicals today, because I pooped in there this morning!"

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