Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shish kabobs & Maple syrup shots

The girls are all about Play dough these days. The funny thing is they only seem to make food items lately. So when I walked in and found them making shish kabobs I wasn't surprised. We are creating little foodies and I think it is so funny. I think it is great that my children enjoy things like capers, avocado, cured greek olives, extra sharp cheeses, lentils, miso soup, vegetable sushi and seltzer with a splash of juice, to name a few. I have found that if the girls help me cook it they will eat it. We have fun in the kitchen and one day soon they will be cooking for us!

The Shish Kabob

Abby doing a shot of maple syrup on a field trip with Sophia's school.

Sophia enjoying her shot.

Ohhh look at those lashes!

My little Leprechaun

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