Sunday, March 22, 2009

8 Months Old

Our little men are 8 months old! Both are still tiny little guys, probably only about 14 pounds at this point, but they are doing great, both crawling (army style). Simon figured it out and is now able to get away from Charlie...sometimes. Charlie has mastered pulling up on things and has started "cruising" (taking steps while holding on). We wouldn't be surprised if he walks by the end of April!!! Charlie also has mastered sitting up, I always thought kids sat before they crawled or stood up, but he seems to be doing things backwards. Simon can sit for a little if we put him in position, but he can't get there in his own. They are booth drooling soooooo badly due to teething. Between Simon's constant spit up and drool we have started calling him "Slimeman", probably a name we shouldn't let stick, but we say it lovingly.
I love this age, and it is so cool with twins! They really play together and laugh and giggle. They eat and enjoy it and they learn to do new things everyday. Lots and lots of fun!

Notice the trail of slime AND that sweet little face.

Simon always gets this half drunk look when he is happy!

I want to eat him!

Could the eyes be any more blue?



Look out- here they come! The most different looking twins I have ever seen!

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