Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shish kabobs & Maple syrup shots

The girls are all about Play dough these days. The funny thing is they only seem to make food items lately. So when I walked in and found them making shish kabobs I wasn't surprised. We are creating little foodies and I think it is so funny. I think it is great that my children enjoy things like capers, avocado, cured greek olives, extra sharp cheeses, lentils, miso soup, vegetable sushi and seltzer with a splash of juice, to name a few. I have found that if the girls help me cook it they will eat it. We have fun in the kitchen and one day soon they will be cooking for us!

The Shish Kabob

Abby doing a shot of maple syrup on a field trip with Sophia's school.

Sophia enjoying her shot.

Ohhh look at those lashes!

My little Leprechaun

* I did a few new posts this weekend, so be sure to keep reading.

You want me to puke where????

Poor Sophia was plagued by the stomach bug this past week. As a mother of 4 it is a great fear of mine that all 6 of us will be puking at the same time...I envision that scene from Stand By Me at the pie eating contest or Chunk's puking description in The Goonies, just puke everywhere, seriously I have nightmares of that day happening. So when Sophia started puking I was very frightened!
It only lasted about 10-12 hours, but the poor kid was a mess. She climbed into our bed at about midnight (luckily I was downstairs) and then proceeded to puke all over our bed, my pillows and a little on Daddy. UGHHHHH what a mess. Soph has only had a puke thing one other time I think and we used the puke bowl method. This time however Daddy taught her to puke in the toilet. This was a very difficult concept for my little girl to understand. She thought Daddy was teasing her. We teach our children not to touch the toilet, make sure you wash you hands, lots of germs in the bathroom... Now stick you head in the bowl, hold onto the sides and puke in there. A difficult concept that I never really thought about before, but the funniest part of the whole thing was what Soph said to me in her tired, sick and confused voice "Wow, Mom it is a good thing you cleaned that toilet with chemicals today, because I pooped in there this morning!"

8 Months Old

Our little men are 8 months old! Both are still tiny little guys, probably only about 14 pounds at this point, but they are doing great, both crawling (army style). Simon figured it out and is now able to get away from Charlie...sometimes. Charlie has mastered pulling up on things and has started "cruising" (taking steps while holding on). We wouldn't be surprised if he walks by the end of April!!! Charlie also has mastered sitting up, I always thought kids sat before they crawled or stood up, but he seems to be doing things backwards. Simon can sit for a little if we put him in position, but he can't get there in his own. They are booth drooling soooooo badly due to teething. Between Simon's constant spit up and drool we have started calling him "Slimeman", probably a name we shouldn't let stick, but we say it lovingly.
I love this age, and it is so cool with twins! They really play together and laugh and giggle. They eat and enjoy it and they learn to do new things everyday. Lots and lots of fun!

Notice the trail of slime AND that sweet little face.

Simon always gets this half drunk look when he is happy!

I want to eat him!

Could the eyes be any more blue?



Look out- here they come! The most different looking twins I have ever seen!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The McGillicutty Sisters

The girls love to pretend, they create characters and are very specific with details and names and personalities in their make believe lives. Abby tends to get into character and stay there for a few hours, only responding to the characters name and acting exclusively as the character. Today she is Wendy. Sophia doesn't have as much staying power, but she is generally the detail/idea girl and she remembers everything about the characters she creates, which means the characters repeat and are used in specific situations. One of my favorite reoccurring characters is Wanda Sparkles "The Superstar", I do however fear that Wanda Sparkles is a perfect a name for a feature dancer in a strip club... as long as she isn't still pretending to be Wanda in High School we should be fine.
This weekend two new characters were created...Gloria McGillicutty and her little sister Shirley McGillicutty. I have no idea where these names came from (book, T.V.), maybe they are just getting into the St. Patrick's Day spirit. These characters aren't very developed yet, but I have a feeling the will resurface due to the warm reception and laughter they got. Imagine Abby's funny little voice trying to pronounce McGillicutty - she gets the "Mc" and the "tty" the middle is a bit of tongue rolling and odd vowel sounds. I am fully expecting The McGillicutty Sisters start speaking with a brogue and requesting corned beef and cabbage. Hmm I'm having a strange urge for a green beer. So I will end with an old Irish toast...

Ode to Beer
Of all my favorite things to do,
The utmost is to have a brew.
My love grows for my foamy friend,
with each thirst-quenching elbow bend.
Beer's so frosty, smooth, and cold
It's paradise, Pure liquid gold
Yes beer means many things to me
that's all for now
I gotta Pee

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Inch Worm

"Abby look a worm"
"Get it Tophia, get it"

"Got him!!"

"Check him out Mom" (look very closely at the black spot on her hand- that is Mr. Inch Worm)

"We put him on this stick, so he can go back in the woods to find his family"

Sunshine on our shoulders makes us happy...

Ahhhh we had a little spring this weekend and we enjoyed it. Of course it is freezing rain and disgusting today, but we can focus on the sun. After picking up a winters worth of dog poop we went in the backyard and played!!!! Sophia got to ride her new bike around the block a few times, the girls played on the swing set, explored our new back yard, searched for deer poop(found way more than I expected) and made friends with an inch worm. It was a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They crawl, they climb and they fall!!!

Charlie has been mobile for awhile and Simon has joined the party! Oh my- they are fast, curious and know no boundaries!!!!!!! Simon now knows how to get around, he is not as fast as Charlie but he is accurate and crawls with a purpose, usually that purpose is a clump of dog hair, a crumb or a dirty diaper that hasn't made it to the trash yet. Charlie (7 1/2 months old) has mastered the crawling thing and has moved on to pulling up on whatever he is near, which usually means his less agile brother. Yes, Charlie enjoys using Simon as climbing apparatus. He climbs over him, he stands using Simon's head a leverage and sometimes he just gets on top of Simon and lays there laughing, while Simon flails his little arms and legs grunting and crying until someone realizes and rescues him. Herein lies my problem, do I allow the attacks to happen as I get my camera to capture the very amusing moments or do I save Simon from the wraith of Charlie. For now I will share some fun pictures of the boys playing with their favorite mirror toy.
I see you!!
Hmmm, wait a minute- what's going on here?
Simon's head- Charlie's face in mirror.
Impending attack!