Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tired and Uninspired

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. The boys have been taking turns sleeping at night and that makes for a tired and uninspired me! And to be honest my booger treasure chest and nipples post evoked so much response I feel this pressure to be funny and creative and possibly topless... Anyway...Updates-Life here has been busy without actually doing much more than daily activities.
The Boys- They are now eating food 2 times a day and loving it. They especially love pears, the first few times they ate them they were hysterical with laughter. With each bite they would giggle away so cute!!! We really need to get a video camera. They were both just under 12 pounds at their 6 month check-up, little but doing well. Charlie is crawling like crazy and starting to pull up on things that are low to the ground. Simon is mobile, rolling and pulling himself around a little more, no quite army crawling, but almost.
The Girls- Fantastic little ladies, they have been making me laugh so much lately. It is very cool to watch them play together, they love to pretend and the stories they come up with are hysterical (I'm working on a special Renegade Princess Blog, complete with pictures and things overheard- hopefully it will be completed by the end of the week.)
The Parents, The House and Java- We are good, lack of sleep has us slipping back into survival mode, leaving the house on the back burner. Rich had managed to build us some awesome closet organizers, now I need to find the energy to unpack some more and utilize them. We have 2 deer that have made a home in our backyard. They lay right behind the swing set and look in our windows all day. It was cool at first, but now I'm concerned about the spring (playing in the yard, ticks and Java). Java is great, but ready for spring deep snow is not good for old dog legs.
Lastly some pictures to make up for lost time! I'm having some technical difficulties and can't seem to caption the pics. So here is the rundown...the boys serious looks, Sophia and her gorgeous eyes, Grandma and Boompa with all 4, super shot of 3, an attempt at all 4, Abby's awesome cheeks and me and my girls.

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Aunt Betsy said...

Thank you...my day is complete now. They are beautiful and I can't get enough of the pictures. Charlie looks like John and Zach when they were babies! I can't wait to see the "real things"!! Love you all!!!