Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Renegade Princesses

Sometimes I worry about the whole idea of the girls wanting to be the beautiful princess and the stereotypes that come with that typed of play...then I listen closely and I hear the beauty of the Renegade Princesses. My girls like to be pretty, fancy and made up, but they also like to be the smart, fearless, save the prince type of princess sisters. They spend their days singing songs, exploring, chasing zombies and of course "saving the real prince from the bad prince that dressed and acted like a prince, but was really a bad guy". I hope they remember that "bad prince" when they start dating. They find their special powers under rocks and in trees. They use tools (saws and hammers) to save the day and build forts. There is always a wooden spoon on hand to mix up a potion and microphones for the impromptu princess concert. They pretend for hours a day and I am always entertained and amazed by their imagination!

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Aunt Betsy said...

what, no prince pictures? aren't you glad you found your "prince", Leah!? I love your blog...I love you all!!