Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Nope, No Penis Yet!"

Yes it is true there is something different about these babies and Abby has just discovered it. They have a strange little things in their diapers... Yes that is correct Abby has discover the penis. She has realized her little brothers have them and she loves to see them, comment on them and unfortunately for the boys she will occasionally try to grab them. At each diaper change we hear things like "oh look at the cute little penis, you see it mom" or the wonderful "oh no he's got poop on his penis, clean him mommy". Sophia thinks they are gross and weird looking and she isn't very interested in them. She has the understanding that boys have them and girls don't. Abby however has started looking between her legs and checking to see if she has grown a penis. Thankfully each day when she checks she announces "Nope, no penis yet!"

*I thought about adding picture to this post, but then I thought again.

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Anonymous said...

Classic!! I love it! ~Jannine :)