Monday, January 12, 2009

A Day in the Life of Abby - Booger Treasure Chest & Nipples

I have been informed that sap and sentimentality don't suit me, so after ringing in the new year with emotions, I'm back with raunch, foul language and humor! This household seems to be overflowing with it these days, mostly revolving around my dear Abby...

I'm sitting on the couch "doing a double" otherwise known as feeding both boys at once. The best way to "do a double" is to use my giant U-shaped pillow. Well this pillow has a pillowcase with a zipper that Abby likes to play with. Side note- Abby has had a nasty cold. As I'm feeding the boys Abby kept coming over zipping and unzipping and pretending to put things in the pillow, or so I thought. Previously the pillow is where Abby kept her pretend money, bugs, lunch... Hmmm when did the pretending end? I asked Abby what she was putting in the pillow this time and she proceeds to tell me it is her treasure chest. Oh how cute I think, she has been really into pirates lately. "Wow Abby are you putting jewels in the treasure chest?" I ask stupidly. "Nope (pause as she puts more treasure in) It's boogers Mommy. This is my booger treasure chest." And no she wasn't pretending. Arrrr Matey!!!!

Let's move onto nipples shall we. Our house is full of boobs, boob talk and now nipple talk. For the majority of the last 4 years there have been 1 and now 2 children feeding off of me! Modesty is no longer an issue for me and if you really have a desire to see boobs feel free to stop over any time. There maybe a baby blocking your view, but you have a 50/50 shot of me getting distracted and forgetting to strap them back in as I walk around the house with my shirt resting on my boobs instead of over them. So needless to say nursing things is the norm for my girls-dolls, stuffed animals the giant Halloween rat that is still out... Not sure if it is because of this or not, but Abby is now obsessed with her nipples, she talks to them, she shows them off, she pulls on them and she now tells them that when she gets older they will have boobies just like Mommy!
Abby is the coolest kid, with an imagination like I have never seen before and I would pay any amount of money to know every thought in her funny little head. She may be from outer space, but we love every little booger in her treasure chest!


Aunt Betsy said...

I could cry when I look at this picture and see my sister's face!

Roslyn said...

I can't believe how BIG Abby looks in this picture!!!
I was touched by your sentiment on New Years. It is truly a blessing to be grateful while in a situation, and not just after it has passed.
Holding you to no more kids, though!
Keep it up. Hope its as fun for you to write as it is to read. Hopefully, will make it over to your new house early in 2009.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

I am loving your stories.

Natalie Aiello