Wednesday, January 14, 2009

6 months

I can hardly believe the boys will be 6 months old on the 16th. The time has gone so quickly. I love this age. At 6 months you can really play with babies, instead of playing at them. They interact,t laugh and want more! Charlie is starting to crawl already, well more of a dragging himself across the floor. Simon not so much, he tends to puke as soon as you put him on his belly so that is hindering his enjoyment and I can't blame him who wants to play with a face full of puke. But he loves to sit in the bouncer and the jumparoo thing. It is amazing to watch the development of twins. They do things so differently, one is good at one thing while the other is good at something else. Charlie is great at gross motor skills like crawling, pulling himself, kicking- while Simon is very good at fine motor things such as picking up small objects, turning his pacifier around the right way and sticking it directly into his mouth. Charlie tends to stick it in his eye, cheek or nose first (he doesn't suck on it, he uses it as a teether). Charlie likes to pull the pacifier out of Simon's mouth, but it takes him a few tries to get...which means he knocks Simon in the head once or twice before he can get ahold of it. It is so funny to watch then interact. I can only imagine the wrestling matches in a few months from now.

I thought it would be fun to look back at all 4 when they were 6 months old. I know they are mine, but come on these are some pretty kids!!!!

Sophia - look at those eyes ...

Abby- excuse the drool! It seems we didn't take many pictures of Abby in her 6th month, lots in 4th and 7th though.

Simon and Charlie looking like they are about to attack.


Anonymous said...

They are so big!! You are right those are some very pretty kids!! ~Jannine :)

Aunt Betsy said...

Leah...I'm ready for more pictures!! Come on, your husband says you sit around all day doing nothing...I mean, really, how busy can you be with 4 kids under the age of 5 and a wonderful, sweet husband like my nephew!!! Don't deprive me any longer...this is how I start my day at work...looking at these clones of my family. I love and miss you all!!