Sunday, December 20, 2009

It wasn't me...

If it wasn't you, who the hell was it? It is not normal to find piles of vomit in your kitchen and have no idea who it belongs to! Even back in my wildest college days, I don't think I ever found unclaimed puke in my house. Charlie smells mildly like puke, so either he puked himself, he was puke on or he touched the puke there is not enough evidence for me to believe it was really him. It wasn't dog puke, it wasn't me and it wasn't again I ask, who the hell was it?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mmmm Turkey!

Yum, Thanksgiving leftovers. Sophia and Abby enjoyed the legs. Soph took a couple of bites and liked the idea of eating a giant leg, but Abby. Abby enjoyed every last bite of that giant leg. She could barely hold the thing and with each bite she smiled chewed with vigor and moaned happy little moans.
I love the looks on the girls as they watch each other eat.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

To blog again...

Between holidays, visitors and sick Pop I haven't had time to think let alone blog, but I miss it and I hope you miss me. It really has become a creative outlet for me no matter how silly or almost deep the posts are and after almost a month of not writing I really miss it.
Times have been stressful here and when a family member is sick you tend to focus on nothing else. But I need to focus on my funny little offspring and the silly things they do each day, because it is them that keep me smiling and laughing.
I have fantastic stories of turkey legs the size of Abby's head, and Abby's butt show and Sophia's most exciting day at school (here first time buying lunch) and Simon and Charlie's new wrestling matches and free falls from the couch (for fun). Now matter what is happening outside my home and in the real world, behind my door is a house full of fantastic kids that make me SMILE each and every day, if not each and every minute. Maybe I will just stay in my house for the next 18 years and pretend there is no real world. Okay fine I don't think I could make it as a shut in, but I really do love these strange little creatures we have created!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bloggers Block...

Okay I haven't posted in so long with the computer issues and the Swine flu (all 6 of us) and whatever else, I have this anxiety hanging over my head that I need to back track and tell you all details of the last few weeks. This stress is causing me to lack any kind of humor and wit in my writing and I'm just getting frustrated (phew I feel better confessing that).Well I'm opting out of the recap and just moving forward and leaving the stress behind. Ohhh I can feel the creative juices flowing again...

Now if I could just get my hand out of this pumpkin...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm back and with a Mac!

Testing out the new computer. I should be back in action if I can figure out this Mac.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why my kids are cool...

Conversation overheard while the girls were playing and Abby started whining:

Abby: Whine whine, blah blah, something whine (I tend to tune out when the whining starts)

Sophia: Oh Abby, you can't always get what you want, just like the song, but if you try sometimes you might get what you need.

Abby: I know Soph...(Pause and sigh)...I know!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Scheduled Life

Believe it or not for the last 5 years or so I have lived a relatively unscheduled life. I was a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. My kids have a scheduled bedtime, but besides that we just went with what the day offered- check the weather, pack a lunch and head out or do a craft at home, read some books, play some games... NO watching the clock or ughhh the dreaded setting of alarms! Well my life is much different now. Last year I had a brief glimpse of the scheduled life with Sophia in preschool, but I had no idea the intensity of the schedule. The last month has been a wake up for me- A great big stinging slap in the face of the way the real world lives!
Tuesdays and Thursdays aren't so bad, we just have to have Sophia dressed, fed and at the end of the driveway by 8:45. Rich has taken the morning bus duty role and that is a HUGE help. It is the Mon/Wed/Fri I'm having a little trouble adjusting to. 6 people up, dressed, fed, 2 lunches made, many butts wiped, lots of shoes tied loaded in the car-8:45 bus pick up and to Abby's preschool by 9 about 2 hours to waste then back to school for pick up, home for lunch some sort of activity to keep Abby and boys happy then Soph off the bus at 3:40. Phewww I'm tired, I DO NOT know how working Moms do it!!! I can't imagine having to figure out school schedules, soccer games, practices, field trips and meals, not to mention some fun time- all while having to work a regular job. I don't know what I will do when I have to go back to work!
As for now I need to figure out this schedule thing. My first step is to buy a watch with and alarm on it, I have an overwhelming fear of not being outside for Sophia's bus (they won't let kindergarten kids off bus with out seeing an adult and I envision her being carted away to the bus garage and into a room with the other kids whose parents aren't aware enough to watch the clock and be outside on time), I need to hang a great big bulletin board with sections for each of us (my little squared calendar isn't cutting it anymore) and I need be a little less laid back-damn...the trials and tribulations of the unorganized, easy going, stay at home mom. Thanks for reading this incredibly long whine! I think tonight I will replace this whine with a big glass of red wine.

***Still having computer troubles and can't post pictures- so you are forced to read my rants and play the role of the therapist that doesn't respond just listens and forces you to work it out in your own mind...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Computers Suck!

Sorry folks, computer troubles & and my techy husband can't fix. Hmmm I think I smell Apples.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monkey bars 1 - Sophia 0

Oh boy, I got my first call from the nurses office. "There was an accident on the playground, and you need to come pick Sophia up. She is okay, but there is a lot of blood and a lot of swelling"

Oh man, my stomach dropped. She had fallen off the monkey bars and landed on her face. When I got there she was okay and not crying, but the poor kid looked even worse than these pictures. The swelling had gone down a lot by the time we got home. No broken bones, loose teeth or concussion and nothing that will leave a scar-all and all not that bad. But man it was tough to get that phone call. I know they will get hurt, but if they could just do it while with me I would be able to deal with it much better!

Thank God for Hamsters!

Abby's first day went REALLY well. She was so excited and talked about being a preschooler for days. We arrived at the school at the same time as her little friends and they walked in together with big smiles. Things got a little hairy when I said goodbye and she started to well up, but then her teacher mentioned the class hamster! That was all she needed- backpack down and she was off the see that little rodent! PHEW WW!

Drop off on day two was a little tougher and we had some tears, but they ended quickly and she got to make apple cake with the teacher. On the ride home on the first day Abby did say "Sophia never went to this school. This is MY school!" I'm happy she can have ownership of this and not have to share it with Sophia for a change. I am also amazed that she noticed and verbalized it- and now I feel guilt about her feelings and the overwhelming need to go out and buy her new clothes and get rid of the hand-me-downs from Soph. But that will pass... I'm so excited she did so well and sorry I underestimated her! Now we just have to work on the giant temper tantrums she has been throwing lately!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day Of Kindergarten and No Tears!

That's right- I didn't cry! Either did Sophia, but I wasn't worried about her. She has been ready and waiting for this day since she was about oh, 2 years old. I don't even think she was nervous. The only time she even mentioned nerves was at dinner last night when we were talking about the bus. But the conversation seemed very contrived and like she was saying what she thought she should be saying, or what she heard other kids say. She woke up this morning, put in her very specific lunch order, hopped around the house and smiled from ear to ear.

We went outside to wait for the bus with the boys across the street and I noticed a little bit of fear in her eyes as we heard the bus noises around the corner. But once that bus pulled up she was in it before we even said goodbye, she didn't even look back and wave. Not one look, not one I love you Mommy and Daddy, not one peek out the window, nothing...This means one of 2 things either we have done a great job as parents and create a strong, well adjusted, happy little girl that is ready to embrace the next adventure life has to offer, or we are so awful and boring that she couldn't wait to get away from us. I'm going with with the first option!

Waiting for the bus...

What thoughts are in that little head???

I hear the bus!!! Wide eyed and ready.

There it is...

Watching it pull up with excited eyes and nervous hands fidgeting with backpack straps...

Jumps on the bus! Yippee...

Bye Sophia, my little kindergartner.
It was at this point I hoped for a little look back, a wave, one lone tear proving she would miss me a little, but no I got nothing...
Great job Sophia, I love you.
Next adventure- Abby starts preschool tomorrow...I fear there is a very different post looming.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amusement Park Fun!!!

We went to The Great Escape with the whole crew (kids, us, my dad and Tina) this past weekend. The weather was perfect, the kids were awesome and we had a really fun time. To be honest, I was concerned it would be a disaster and I'm not sure why. My kids are usually very good in public, but I just thought over stimulation and long day would equal disaster. But I was wrong!
Sophia is now tall enough to go on 50% of the rides, which makes me really happy since I love amusement parks and my husband does not. So in the past few years I have had to ride alone like this...(Poor Soph was a few inches away from this one!)

But now I have a roller coaster partner!!!!

Sophia is amazing and has no fear. If she sees a challenge, she wants to conquer it-like the trampoline trapeze thing at the park.

Along the walk in the park I found somewhere I was drawn to. It gave me a sense of belonging and it was a place I knew I would be understood...
There was and old woman who lived in a shoe

She had so many children, she didn't know what to do...


Abby enjoys the rides also, she is more timid than Sophia, but she didn't let it stop her. I was surprised!

And my favorite part of the day...The Desperado Plunge...Rich and I got to ride with the girls- so much fun, but the best part was this hysterical picture!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hot Dog Update...

For those that are curious, I received a hand written $20 check from the hot dog man's personal account and a letter asking me to buy Nature's Place mother f-ing bacon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy Times...

Yes it has been a long time without a post, but I have 4 kids, it is the summer and I've been tired, so give me a break. Below you will find random pictures in random order of things we have done in the last few weeks. Enjoy! Someday soon I hope to be back to my old blogging self!

Jumping off the dock at Grandad and Tina's camp. By the time we left she was doing cannon balls without plugging her nose or being caught! Awesome!

Abby playing in the lake (don't tell her siblings, but she may be the cutest of the bunch!)

Grandad and the girls.

The boys loved the beach, playing in and eating the sand.

Fishy faces.

The crew having lunch with Daddy at the creek near his office.

2 girls on a log...

(I wish this shot wasn't such a blur.)
Blueberry picking with friends

I'll show you mine if you show me yours... (Soph and Max)

Story time with Abby (please ignore the piles of CRAP behind them)
More to come...

Friday, August 14, 2009


After much debate and fear (on my part) Rich won and the boys got buzzed! Simon was in desperate need a major hair cut, I was starting to call him Simone and one step away from putting bows in his hair. And we figured we might as well do Charlie while we were at it.

Charlie wasn't a fan!

"Oh no my beautiful hair!"

Simon seemed to enjoy it and even relax while it was happening!
"Yeah this feels good!"

Look at the difference in hair color!
Post buzz photo shoot...Handsome little men!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Weather has SUCKED this summer! Rain has been the mainstay with occasional hail and random sun generally appearing at about 7:30 at night, just before bedtime. So I have had to be creative and do things like this...Camping in the family room equipped with fake fire to roast marshmallows.

Telling stories by the camp fire. I love the look on Abby's face in the 2nd shot! Notice the fire, I made it out of construction paper logs and tissue paper flames...sometimes I impress myself and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Checking to see if the marshmallow is done...

The beauty of camping in the family room is that you can watch a movie from the tent. Kind of like an indoor drive-in. For any mothers reading this post, if you recreate this event in your own home you can probably ride out the Best Mom in the World status for a good 2-3 days.
*At about 10:30 pm Abby decided she wanted to sleep in her bed and Sophia decided she didn't want to sleep alone in the family room, so she went upstairs also. I think I could have gotten at least 2 more Best Mom in the World days if I had slept with them in the tent...but I just didn't want to and neither did Dad.