Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Turkey Talk

Just a brief Thanksgiving update with some pictures- Yes I know it is late...but at least it isn't Christmas yet!!!!

The girls and I made some fun turkey cookies as seen in the above picture (inspired by Mrs. Jan, Sophia's awesome teacher).

We spent the the holiday with Rich's family and it was strongly reinforced that I was strictly a vessel for my children and they may not contain any of my genes!!!!

Brother's holding smaller versions of themselves!!!!

Then there is cousin Brock he is 3 and Charlie looks so much like him!!!!!!



As long as they don't look like this...I love you John, but shave!!!

And Lastly...A picture of Jeannie and Sophia. Jeannie feels strongly that my Blog is destined for fame and maybe a TV show, so with praise like that I have to give her a photo credit!

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I do believe your family is destin for stardom and now maybe I can get in on some of the limelight.... It was great to see you ALL at Thanksgiving and I know you will have a BIG wonderful Christmas as well. Happy Holidays with Love from Jeannie Dolan!!!! (See picture)