Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm still here...I think!

I've been a little busy...sorry for not blogging. I still have Thanksgiving pictures to put up, hopefully I get them here before Christmas.
Things are good here, shopping decorating, unpacking and all the normal Christmas stuff. The girls are super excited about Santa.
As for the Ice Storm, we were out of power for 60 hours and had to stay at my Mom's for a couple of nights while the house froze and the basement flooded. Everyone was very well behaved, adults included. The girls were great and thought the sleepover was cool. As for the basement...it is cleaned up, just need to do a little wash down with bleach and water to prevent any mold. We lost a few things, but nothing of any significant value. We were very lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We still have friends and family without power, some were told it could be another week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unreal!!!!! I'm disappointed I didn't take any pictures it was really pretty amazing and the tree damage was wild, but again we were lucky and had none on our property.
Now I have to go and try to make 4 kids smile for our Christmas card picture, this will be attempt number 5. I may be giving up soon!

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