Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog Christmas Wish

Please fulfill my need for approval and positive reinforcement. I am told by many that they read my blog and enjoy it! So leave me some comments would you!!!!!!!!!! It is easy to do, I even posted how to do it early on, so scroll back, and give it a try. I love doing this Blog thing and it really makes it even more fun for me when I see comments.
Thank You!

And coming soon...Christmas card outtakes.


Aunt Betsy said...

I've never been able to leave a comment before for some reason but I re-signed up today with a different name. I love this...I look at it every day at work and am sad when there is nothing on it. I am sorry for you but have to agree that you are only the "garage"...darn those Stabile genes...good thing we're all soooo good looking...ha

Anonymous said...


I love reading about my sweet grandbabies.I'm not good about leaving comments and almost never do.I check the site everyday just to get a look atthe kids and then I go on merry way feeling pretty darn lucky.

Thank you for the entertainment. Try to keep the blog alive.


Anonymous said...

do love looking at your kids and I enjoy your comments

Natalie aiello said...

that was Natalie Aiello commenting on the last comment. Hope to see you all soon.

dad said...

hi you no I enjoy your blog and you noing me you can only imagine what I do when I view the pictures and read what you have to say besides them bring a smile to my face! so try to keep it going I understand its hard sometime to find the time but I enjoy it very much ty

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah,
Your family is adorable! I check in every so often and it makes me feel better about not being so very good at keeping in touch.

Have a fantastic holiday!
Kim LaChapelle

Anonymous said...

It's a joy to read about the antics of your kids; they're so darn cute and you have an enjoyable style of describing it all.
Don't know how you do it but try to continue the blog, if you can.
Thank you for sharing your busy and crazy life!
May 2009 continue to bring you happiness and love.

Anonymous said...

Rich and I love checking in on your blog. Wish we could've seen you guys at Margie and Frank's this year.
Love, Alicia and Rich