Friday, November 14, 2008

A Political Post- Sort Of

Better late than never I guess... I took Sophia to vote with me and it was very exciting for her. I did have to use my strong parental guidance and explain why we were not voting for McCain. For some reason she decided he was best...after long 4 year old style discussions I was was told "I'm my own person Mom! I can have a different opinion than you!" But then on her terms she came to believe that "BarackaObama" was 1. A fun name to say 2. He doesn't like fighting and 3. He wants to give money to schools. When we went to vote I explained we had to be quiet inside- Sophia then asked Church quiet or Library quiet? Very funny to me since we haven't been to church in who knows how long (sorry grandparents). We voted, she pushed the buttons and pulled the lever and really felt like her vote counted "even though she knows it doesn't until she is 18". As soon as we were out the door and on the steps she did a "Go Baracka- Go Baracka" dance and cheer and exclaimed very loudly "I hope Baracka wins mommy!!!! " A couple that was leaving at the same time enjoyed her dance and whispered their approval.
When she woke up the next day and found out Obama won she danced again and screamed "Our team won!! I'm so happy" This time I danced and celebrated along with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pledge of Allegiance - Sophia's version
This morning Sophia decided to say the Pledge to her brothers and it went like this...
" I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Dalmatian under God...
SO freakin cute!!!!!!!!!!!

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