Saturday, October 4, 2008


Sometimes I have time to sit back and relax...ummm let me rephrase...sometimes I have time to shower and while I wash my hair I think -Holy Shit we have 4 kids!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last 9 almost 10 weeks have been quite a blur. This blur consists of- two infants, buying a house, packing this house, making the thousands of phone calls that go along with buying and selling a house and entertaining Sophia and Abby. If I actually take the time to think about it I have no idea how we are doing it. We are just doing what needs to be done and making it through... Stopping occasionally to realize we have some very cute, fun and super smart little kids along with great families to help us through this crazy time.
Things with the new house are going great the sellers have been super nice to us and are allowing us to get into the house and do some things before we move in. We are so sad to leave our house, but each time we are in the new one it feels more and more like our new home. My mind is starting to spin with decorating ideas. I can't want to be moved in so we can start some fun projects and really make it our own.

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