Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moving done, now show us your "Moves"...

After all the stress, it is finally ours and I'm so happy. The kids have adjusted surprisingly well and quickly! We are surrounded by piles of boxes and crap we should have thrown out instead of moving, but we are here in a great new house and we made it our own with our first "After Dinner Dance Party".
Background info... As many of you know music is very important to my husband and he loves to expose the girls to all kind of music and in turn the girls like to expose us to their "moves". So generally after dinner we have a dance party, our busy lives have canceled the dance parties for the last few weeks and life just wasn't the same without them!
So this weekend we had or first ever Dance Party in front of a blazing cozy fireplace. The girls thought it was the coolest thing ever and I felt like we were really home (excuse the sap...). Oh and for the record Sophia is a big fan of Irish music and Abby...AC/DC all the way, would you expect anything different?
So please feel free to visit our new place but be ready show us your moves...

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