Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Abby!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby turned 2 on the 16th (that was supposed to be our closing date) so Rich's mom took the girls for a couple of nights to help us out. But that meant we weren't with Ab's on her birthday, can you say bad parents...we felt super guilty. Anyway with all the chaos we didn't have a party for her, just a cake with the 6 of us- yeah that's right we are a family of 6 now- still difficult to say without a wince or slight feeling of nausea. She loved her little cake and got to blow out the candles 2 times and seemed to really enjoy her birthday celebration even if it was a day or two late. There is a bonus to no party- she gets presents for weeks from family and she actually gets to play with each thing instead of being overwhelmed by the pile of gifts at a big party!
Side note: notice the lovely wallpaper in our new kitchen...I'm fighting the urge to rip it down before I'm unpacked!!!!!!!!!!!

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