Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Halloween Story- By Simon and Charlie

Once upon a time there was a little witch that always wanted things her way. Her life was turned upside down by all of her little siblings. One day she had enough and decided to put a spell on her little sister.
Everyone watched in fear as she started to chant and dance. Then she lifted her finger, pointed and began to cast her spell...

Bippity Boppity Bingo- I turn you into a FLAMINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her little sister was shocked by her new appearance, but embraced her pinkness and did a little flamingo dance.
The witch was quite displeased with the joyous flamingo dancing and set off to turn her brothers into toads.



Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Abby, happy dancing to all (love that ritual), and happy halloween! So good to see you at Target and I really hope we can get together soon. Looks like you have a lovely new yard!! - Christy

Anonymous said...

Leah........You are doing an amazing job with the kids/house and life in general - Although who oould call yours a general lifestyle. So enjoy the girls when I get to see them when they are in town. Look forward to meeting you boys.........Much Love......Jeannie Dolan