Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Halloween Story- By Simon and Charlie

Once upon a time there was a little witch that always wanted things her way. Her life was turned upside down by all of her little siblings. One day she had enough and decided to put a spell on her little sister.
Everyone watched in fear as she started to chant and dance. Then she lifted her finger, pointed and began to cast her spell...

Bippity Boppity Bingo- I turn you into a FLAMINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her little sister was shocked by her new appearance, but embraced her pinkness and did a little flamingo dance.
The witch was quite displeased with the joyous flamingo dancing and set off to turn her brothers into toads.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Abby!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby turned 2 on the 16th (that was supposed to be our closing date) so Rich's mom took the girls for a couple of nights to help us out. But that meant we weren't with Ab's on her birthday, can you say bad parents...we felt super guilty. Anyway with all the chaos we didn't have a party for her, just a cake with the 6 of us- yeah that's right we are a family of 6 now- still difficult to say without a wince or slight feeling of nausea. She loved her little cake and got to blow out the candles 2 times and seemed to really enjoy her birthday celebration even if it was a day or two late. There is a bonus to no party- she gets presents for weeks from family and she actually gets to play with each thing instead of being overwhelmed by the pile of gifts at a big party!
Side note: notice the lovely wallpaper in our new kitchen...I'm fighting the urge to rip it down before I'm unpacked!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving done, now show us your "Moves"...

After all the stress, it is finally ours and I'm so happy. The kids have adjusted surprisingly well and quickly! We are surrounded by piles of boxes and crap we should have thrown out instead of moving, but we are here in a great new house and we made it our own with our first "After Dinner Dance Party".
Background info... As many of you know music is very important to my husband and he loves to expose the girls to all kind of music and in turn the girls like to expose us to their "moves". So generally after dinner we have a dance party, our busy lives have canceled the dance parties for the last few weeks and life just wasn't the same without them!
So this weekend we had or first ever Dance Party in front of a blazing cozy fireplace. The girls thought it was the coolest thing ever and I felt like we were really home (excuse the sap...). Oh and for the record Sophia is a big fan of Irish music and Abby...AC/DC all the way, would you expect anything different?
So please feel free to visit our new place but be ready show us your moves...

Monday, October 20, 2008

We almost have a new house...

So our closing date of the 16th came and went with no closing...With moving truck packed on wed. we found out at 3pm we would not be closing the next day. Unsure of what to do with 90% of our belongings on a truck and no where to put them, I called the owners of our new house and told him what was happening. He, being one of the kindest men ever, said "oh just move in- I'll call my lawyers and let them know what's happening". It is so nice to deal with kind people in a business situation, I really don't think it happens often anymore. Anyway our closings are wed. afternoon and hopefully it really happens so we can unpack everything (scared to really do it yet...what if) and start enjoying our new home!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

They can SMILE!

Charlie Simon

You would think by now I would remember when babies do things, but it still amazes me to see the boys smile in response to things so soon. Not only are they smiling all the time, but they have started cooing and "talking". It is amazing to watch the development, especially with 2.


Sometimes I have time to sit back and relax...ummm let me rephrase...sometimes I have time to shower and while I wash my hair I think -Holy Shit we have 4 kids!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last 9 almost 10 weeks have been quite a blur. This blur consists of- two infants, buying a house, packing this house, making the thousands of phone calls that go along with buying and selling a house and entertaining Sophia and Abby. If I actually take the time to think about it I have no idea how we are doing it. We are just doing what needs to be done and making it through... Stopping occasionally to realize we have some very cute, fun and super smart little kids along with great families to help us through this crazy time.
Things with the new house are going great the sellers have been super nice to us and are allowing us to get into the house and do some things before we move in. We are so sad to leave our house, but each time we are in the new one it feels more and more like our new home. My mind is starting to spin with decorating ideas. I can't want to be moved in so we can start some fun projects and really make it our own.

How's My Hair?