Sunday, September 7, 2008

We accepted an offer!!!

We received a great offer in the first week of our house being on the market and we accepted it-Yipeeeeee!!!!!!!! I can't believe it sold so fast, we are so relieved and excited. As long as things go smoothly (inspections, etc...)we will close in 4-6 weeks. I just can't believe it is happening so quickly!
We will miss this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But we look forward to making the new one our home- our much bigger home... with 4 bathrooms and a family room and and office and a fireplace and a really ugly kitchen (our first project).
Now -time to pack during my free time- ha.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the new house! i ran into travis the other morning and he told me you were moving. the boys and girls all look great, hope to meet them soon (i'm an excellent packer if you need help). - christy :)

Anonymous said...

Leah & Rich,

Congratulations! Ed and I are so very happy for you all. How incredible it is that things happened so quickly.

Thanks for keeping us posted.


Aunt Toots said...

Congratulations! Are one of the rooms for crazy Aunt Toots when she runs away from home. I'm having Annastas withdrawal. i need to see all of you.