Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Blog- I've missed you.

It has been so long I have lots of fun pictures and things to add and not a lot of time to do it so Here goes the abridged version.

  • The boys were six weeks old yesterday- Wow. They are both at least a pound over birth weight. They are really starting to be awake more respond to people. Lots of involuntary smiles that I like to pretend are real and directed to their momma !!! They are even starting to realize the difference between night and day and have started sleeping larger chunks at night- Charlie has consistently slept 5 hour chunks and Simon will sometimes. Ahhhhh the clarity of the mind after 5 hours of sleep is wonderful. If I ever get 8 -10 again I may write a book instead of a Blog.

  • Sophia will be starting pre-school next week and is sooooooo excited, as am I. She needs it- I think she may have learned all I have to teach these days and I look forward to her teaching me. She is still the best helper (really!!!! she is awesome) and in total love with her brothers!!!

  • Abby is great and adjusting to not being up my ass all the time- I think the fresh air is doing her well. She has actually adjusted pretty quickly to our new lives and may even like the boys sometimes - Poor kid her world is so different now. I'm hoping when Soph is at school we can get some one on one time while the boys sleep, something Abby has never had!!!

  • As for us... we have decided to complicate our lives even more and are attempting to purchase a house- since our little house shrinks with each ounce the boys gain. We had an offer accepted and now need to sell our house quickly!!!!

  • So I must stop blogging and start cleaning and decluttering...but first I will put up a couple of pics.


Jack said...

Hey don't you worry about Abby. I'm a middle child and look at how I turned out! Oh wait....bad example. Glad to hear all is well and hopefully I will see all soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Leah!!! Can't believe you even have time to update us!!!! Great pics!! Thanks!! ~Jannine