Friday, July 11, 2008

Still pregnant...

Not much happening on the baby front in the last week or so. Doctor says I'm doing great, my blood pressure is better than his and he is amazed with how well I'm doing- especially for a twin pregnancy(blah, blah, blah...I'm sick of being pregnant). I have another ultrasound on Tues. and we will see how things look and keep going from there. I'm pretty sure I have run out of room and the boys are beginning to try to claw, dig and possibly chew their way out...The last week has been quite uncomfortable and I am ready when they are. Monday is 37 weeks (also our 7th wedding anniversary) and that is considered "full-term" for twins- so bring on the boys.

I learned a little more about the actual delivery of twins- both are still head down and in great position (everyone keep fingers crossed they stay that way, I don't want a c-section!!!). Even with their position I have to deliver in the O.R. instead of the birthing suite, just in case of complications that would cause an emergency c-section. There will also be a ton of people in the room- doctors, nurses, O.R. staff (more nurses & docs), anesthesiologists (2), mailman and pizza guy along with my husband and my mom... Nothing like writhing in pain, pooping yourself and sharing one of the most intimate moments of your life with a room full of strangers. But hey, better safe than sorry. They also suggest I get an epidural early on so I have strength to push out 2 babies. They strongly recommend not trying to birth twins without meds and they will actually have the epidural in place in case of emergency situations- so if the needle is in my spine all ready, bring on the drugs.

The Girls are finally feeling better, poor things were sick for almost 3 weeks. We have managed to infect at least 3 grandparents if not more- SORRY! We had a great visit with our family from Indiana and Sophia is really missing them. The Boy's room is ready and we are picking up the car seats this weekend so the waiting game continues...

Lastly, if anyone has some extra energy and would like to play with 2 adorable girls in the next weeks, come on over. My slow waddle and every 10 min pee breaks have really put a damper on activity. Thanks for reading, this one got long!!!

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