Friday, July 25, 2008

Their First Fight

It starts with a little headbutt!!!

Charlie throws an elbow!!!

Simon is victorious!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Birth Story

Tuesday the 15th we had an ultrasound and we saw that Simon wasn't growing and Charlie was getting huge and Simon's amniotic fluid was getting lower, both common occurrences at the end of twin pregnancies. Common, but mean it is time to induce!!! We kind of freaked out and reality set in big time. I was done with pregnancy, but that means the 2 more kids and a whole different world was about to begin!!!
So we were sent home to get things in order head to the hospital. We arrive around 2:30 and got settled, still unsure what the plan was. We found out I was having some consistent mild contractions, I thought it was just cramping. This was a good sign for vaginal delivery with out many inducing drugs!!! Still with no plan, Rich ran out to get some food. Of course the Doctor shows up just after he leaves and decides to break my water to get labor moving, tells me a million things that I forget immediately and asks me if I'm doing this by myself- No my husband just wanted some pizza he will be back soon.
Rich returns-We call Mom to have her come in. I find out she can't be with us for the delivery, because only husband is allowed in the OR, but she can hang out for the labor. I think she was relieved, disappointed, but relieved as this pregnancy was really tough for her to wrap her little head around.
Things progress, they want things to go quicker so I get Pitiocin. Everyone (Rich, Mom and Rich's mom) seem a little disappointed that I'm not in reacting much to the labor, just quiet and dealing- not putting on much of a show!!! The doctors suggest I get epidural early on "just in case" (so sick of hearing those words!) so I do and I really felt very little pain from then on. I had the normal reaction I get to and epi- drop in blood pressure, shaking, nausea they actually put me on oxygen at one point.
I finally get the urge and pressure feeling at about 1:30ish and I'm right- It's go time. Rich puts on his scrubs(very cute) and we head to the OR. WOW-cold, bright lights tons of stuff, not as many people as I thought and one very small uncomfortable metal table for me to lay on and push, not the nice comfy adjustable bed I had been in.
Simon was ready to go as soon as I was on the table he was pushed out in 2 or 3 contractions and 15 minutes later Charlie was out. We were back in my room by 2:30. Damn I'm getting good at this!!!
The boys looked good and we got to hold them then they had to go to the nursery. We headed down to my real hospital room and napped a little, and were woken up by a NICU doctor. Charlie had to go into the NICU because his breathing was a bit off and they wanted to observe him. Apparently the second twin out and the larger twin tend to have more difficulty breathing and it is common for them to end up in the NICU. He was observed for about 24 hrs maybe a little more and then sent back to us. We visited him a bunch and I was able to nurse him eventually. I will forever be grateful for my 4 healthy children after seeing the little babies in that NICU. You sometimes forget how lucky you are when things go so smoothly.
Simon did well, he was little and had to go under the warmer a couple of times and get so extra formula calories, instead of just breast milk, but besides that he did great.
We were all sent home on Friday with a clean bill of health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The girls are doing well. Sophia is in love and a huge help! Abby is having a tough time, but coming around. Thanks for reading and feel free to visit us, give me a call and I will let you know a good time.

Sleeping Boys

Simon (left)-Charlie (right)
The boys really like sleeping near each other, you would think after months of being squished they would like some space... could they be any cuter?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Boys Have Arrived

July 16th 2008

Simon Richard Annastas (Right) - Born at 2:03 am
5 pounds 7 ounces- 17 3/4 inches

Charles "Charlie" William Annastas (Left)- Born at 2:18 am
6 pounds 13 ounces -19 1/2 inches

I will post the story soon- I just wanted to get a picture up!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Comment Problems

I have had a few people mention trouble with posting comments. I'm not sure why...but here are a two things that might help-
You do not HAVE to set up an account or user name- Just click the open circle next to any of the other options
You do HAVE to type in the word verification no matter what- it is a safety thing and spam blocker and the post won't publish unless that is typed correctly
Hope that helps I don't know what else it could be, if anyone else has an idea or has figured out their posting problem please leave a post about it- Thanks.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Still pregnant...

Not much happening on the baby front in the last week or so. Doctor says I'm doing great, my blood pressure is better than his and he is amazed with how well I'm doing- especially for a twin pregnancy(blah, blah, blah...I'm sick of being pregnant). I have another ultrasound on Tues. and we will see how things look and keep going from there. I'm pretty sure I have run out of room and the boys are beginning to try to claw, dig and possibly chew their way out...The last week has been quite uncomfortable and I am ready when they are. Monday is 37 weeks (also our 7th wedding anniversary) and that is considered "full-term" for twins- so bring on the boys.

I learned a little more about the actual delivery of twins- both are still head down and in great position (everyone keep fingers crossed they stay that way, I don't want a c-section!!!). Even with their position I have to deliver in the O.R. instead of the birthing suite, just in case of complications that would cause an emergency c-section. There will also be a ton of people in the room- doctors, nurses, O.R. staff (more nurses & docs), anesthesiologists (2), mailman and pizza guy along with my husband and my mom... Nothing like writhing in pain, pooping yourself and sharing one of the most intimate moments of your life with a room full of strangers. But hey, better safe than sorry. They also suggest I get an epidural early on so I have strength to push out 2 babies. They strongly recommend not trying to birth twins without meds and they will actually have the epidural in place in case of emergency situations- so if the needle is in my spine all ready, bring on the drugs.

The Girls are finally feeling better, poor things were sick for almost 3 weeks. We have managed to infect at least 3 grandparents if not more- SORRY! We had a great visit with our family from Indiana and Sophia is really missing them. The Boy's room is ready and we are picking up the car seats this weekend so the waiting game continues...

Lastly, if anyone has some extra energy and would like to play with 2 adorable girls in the next weeks, come on over. My slow waddle and every 10 min pee breaks have really put a damper on activity. Thanks for reading, this one got long!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

As Promised- The little snotty ones.

sick eyes

feeling much better!