Sunday, June 29, 2008

Land of the Sick and Tired

Sophia has been sick since Monday- We thought she was better, then fever was back Friday. Abby has continued to get more and more snotty as the days go on and woke up with a pretty good cough this morning. And Rich- yeah Rich, the guy that never gets sick, is a mess (but he still managed to make it to soccer this morning-"needs to sweat it out"). I'm sure it is because he was sleeping with Sophia earlier in the week when her breathing was really bad, so he was coughed and snotted on for hours on end. He and Sophia have slept in our bed the last 2 nights and I have slept in Sophia's bed, which is surprisingly comfortable and supportive for pregnant hips. But I have not slept well with the chorus of sniffs, sneezes, coughs and other unpleasant sounds that fill my house at night. I plan to try and disinfect today, the last thing I need is to be sneezing and coughing in my current state -you have seen the imagine it bouncing with a sneeze or imagine where it lands-the bladder...enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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