Thursday, June 19, 2008

In defense of STRANGE

I have been asked by many of you to rethink the word strange in my description of Abby...Well I'm not going to, but I do feel the need to defend it.
Let's first start with the opposite of strange...
1. conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular
2. relating to or characterized by average intelligence or development
Synonyms for normal: average, common, expected, conventional, ordinary, regular, routine, typical, usual

Snore-ZZZZZ Oh excuse me I fell asleep from the boredom of normalcy

1. out of the ordinary; unusual or striking
2. differing from the normal
Some synonyms for strange: unique, unparalleled, quaint, outlandish, singular, eccentric, curious
Wow, now that is a person I want to meet!

I hope you understand my point..I don't think of strange as a negative thing. I think it is pretty cool that both of my girls are very unique and like no other person I have ever met. I'm proud that they aren't afraid or uncomfortable being weird, wacky and yes, strange. I plan on fostering that confidence as much as possible. And as I see it, I will surely F them up in much worse ways than calling them "adorably strange"!!!!

And for the record, as I type this Abby is pretending to be a "kitty-puppy" crawling around on the floor alternating meows and woofs as she licks the couch!!! A behavior I can only describe as strange...

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mima said...

Thank you for clarifying the description of "mini me".
Soph and Ab are such individuals each with their own amazing but different personalities. I can't imagine what fun it will be with 2 more personalitiesyvlxkg