Monday, June 30, 2008

I really am Built for Breedin'

We had an ultrasound today and WOW- Baby A is 5 lbs. 9 0z. and Baby B is 6 lbs. 4 oz. Baby A may actually be a little bigger like closer to 6 lbs. 2 oz., but his head is so wedged into my hip that they can't get a good measurement of it. That means they grew over a pound in 2 weeks!!!!! If they keep this rate of growth up and I somehow went the full 40 weeks we would be looking at 10 pounders. The Docs seem genuinely amazed at how well I am doing and how great the babies are growing. As my husband loves to say I'm "built for breedin".
I told the Docs I really don't want to be the lady on the news with the 10 pound twins, they all laughed, but no one said don't worry that won't happen, I would have settled for a simple that's unlikely...but no, just uncomfortable laughter...
As for my health all is good, the hobbit foot and numb toes were most likely a baby on a nerve and nothing to worry about. It hasn't happened since last week. I finally hit the 30 pound weight gain mark and with the size of these boys no one is yelling at me to gain more-yippee. I'm hoping they are tapping into my reserves- preferably the ones in my upper arms and my ass!!!!! Hey maybe twins will be the key to the svelte figure I have always wanted.
As for the girls they are still fighting this nasty virus thing, but slowly getting better. I hope to get some new pictures of them soon- spice this blog up with a few booger faced & pale little ones.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. It's amazing that they are growing so steadily, and getting bigger everyday. (All this easy for me to say since I am not carrying them around in 90 degree weather. In my defense however, I did carry an extra 55lbs. through the month of July. As the ending result was only 6lbs. most of it was ice cream!) Can't imagine how you are able to sit. Love to the Breeder and her Brood