Thursday, June 26, 2008

Doctor Appointment and Hobbit Foot

I had and appointment yesterday and all was good. I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant now, which basically means if I go into labor they won't try to stop it. They ultimately would like me to make it to 37 or 38 weeks. Yeah I know that is like 2 weeks away- Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure what is more frightening looking at my belly pics or realizing these little boys will be here soon!!!!!!!!

As for the Hobbit foot... I have been super lucky and really haven't had swelling of my feet or hands yet in this pregnancy -until last night. For some reason my right foot and only my right foot, not ankle or calf, swelled up and looked like a Hobbit foot from the Lord of the Rings movies. It went down during the night, but is starting to grow as the day goes on. It is strange to walk around on one big fat foot, it makes me even more unbalanced. Luckily it isn't painful, just strange feeling.

The girls are doing well, getting over a nasty virus. Abby only had a little head cold kind of thing, but poor Soph got it bad-high fever, nasty cough/wheezing she had to go on steroids for 2 days and use the nebulizer(sp). They are feeling better, but still not themselves yet. Hopefully by the weekend they will be back in action! Although selfishly, low key and lots of naps isn't so bad for me these days.


Anonymous said...

maybe a pic of the foot!

Henry said...

No pictures please! Your feet are far from picture worthy and there is no reason to fuel the fantasies of this no named foot fettish perv.