Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Boys are Getting BIG

I had an ultrasound and the boys look great! Baby A is 4lbs 5oz and Baby B is 4lbs 7oz. They grew almost a half a pound in two weeks. The most amazing thing is that we could see they both have hair- Ultrasound is so cool! No good pictures this time around because they are pretty squished in there, but they look good and healthy. They meet or exceed all the measurements and movements that are checked for and they are both in the 60th percentile for size (and that's for a singleton baby). Now if we could get my ribs and hips to cooperate with my ever expanding uterus things would be a little easier. As for my appointment, I'm looking good too, just like the boys I'm hairy, squished and much larger than expected.


Jannine said...

So happy to hear everyone is healthy and doing so well. Hang in there Leah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Can't wait to meet Himman and Herman!

Henry said...

I had the pear dream again today.